Contact correction is widespread throughout the world and an effective means of optical care for people with vision problems – thanks to some new methods they get a new, improved quality of life. And every year the number of lens carriers grows.

 People who have never used medical innovations consider that it is difficult and and impossible to change their lives. But in reality they help to see clearly, feel comfortable throughout the day and do not affect the appearance of the patient in any way. The main is to choose the right innovation, which will be convenient for you.


 Rigid gas-permeable kind has a very high transmittance of oxygen. It is made out of special materials based on silicone. Such a type is often used to correct high degrees of astigmatism and presbyopia.

Soft kind is the most popular option for today. It is made out of special gel-like hydrogel or silicone-hydrogel polymers. Due to this fact it contains a sufficiently large amount of water.

 Time of wearing

Some ones, which are used only during the day, must necessarily be taken off at bedtime.

Long-wearing kind can be used for 7 consecutive days. The maximum allowable time is up to 30 days.

Rules of wearing

 Even the most high-quality and thin kinds at first can cause some discomfort. And in this regard, ophthalmologists advise to use them gradually. You can start from hour a day, periodically increasing the time by 30 minutes.

The correct process of wearing involves a number of recommendations and prohibitions.

It is necessary to observe hygiene when removing, putting on and storing them. In order to avoid inflammation in the eye, it is always necessary to thoroughly clean them in a special solution. It is important to remove and put on them only with clean, well-washed hands.

Do not wear them for longer than the life of one. It is forbidden even in cases when the process of wearing did not affect their functionality and appearance. The service life depends on the type of optical device.

You must rest from them. It is not recommended to continuously wear them for several days (even variants for permanent wearing). Since, it is very difficult to avoid complications.

In no case it is possible to get various aerosols (hairspray, etc.), creams and cosmetics.

When wearing them you need to visit an ophthalmologist 2 times a year. It is necessary to prevent any possible complications.

Pay attention: If you have a feeling of dryness in the eyes, then you can use special moisturizing drops (only on the recommendation of an ophthalmologist).

Complex of exercises

 Since we are sitting at the computer all day, this complex of exercises for the eyes is very important to repeat 2-3 times a day, so that the eyes do not suffer from overexertion. So, you should start by leading your eyes from side to side, and then up and down. Do not forget to fix the sight on the middle of the line drawn by the eyes, that is, look directly, and then your view will be described as right-right-left-straight. Repeat this procedure 10 times. Then you can describe with your eyes as large a circle as you can. It is important not to cut corners, and the circle should be as flat as possible. It should be repeated 10 times, as your muscles train, you will describe a larger and larger circle.

Then you need to do an exercise “eight”, during which you should describe two small circles with a common point where you look straight. Repeat this exercise10 times. Also, it must be remembered that the head should not move; only the eyes should do it, but it is also not worth overstraining. Do not forget to do it either side.

It is very useful for the eyes to change the focal length. Thus, you need to paste a point on the window glass from paper or plasticine, and look from it to the most distant object that should be directly behind it, that is, in fact your view will be a straight line, the edges of which are the points on the glass and directly behind it some distant. Such an exercise can be done with a finger: extend your hand, focus on your finger, and then slowly bring it closer, then slowly distance it. You need to achieve this result so that you can see the drawing on the skin at any distance.

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