There is no single cause of cancer. Every day thousands of people around the world learn about their new and dangerous enemy. According to statistics, until 2020 we can expect an increase in the number of patients in 2 times from 10 million to 20 million.

Around the world, groups of scientists are making numerous attempts to study the mystery of the onset of oncological diseases and, to admit honestly, thanks to their hard work, the progress in studying this problem has reached incredible heights.

Already there are many different assumptions and hypotheses explaining the causes of cancer, but they all agree on one thing in some cases they arise through the fault of the patient himself/herself.

The main causes:

  • improper nutrition;
  • obesity;
  • external factors – exposure to radiation, industrial emissions;
  • heredity;
  • viruses;
  • depression;
  • weakening of immunity;


The human body, ultimately, is formed from what he/she eats. Statistics show that in more than a third of cases, the causes of cancer are associated with malnutrition. Therefore, scientists think that carcinogens, which enter the human body in food, may be a possible cause of cancer.

Many foods are familiar to us contain substances that, if consumed unbalanced or unlimited, can lead to illness. These include, above all, simple carbohydrates and trans fats. Studies show that a lot of carcinogens are found in refried foods. Therefore, the best way to cook is boiling or baking. There is also evidence that food, which is distinguished by an excess of proteins (more than 20%), contributes to the development of the disease. Therefore, you should follow a balanced diet with a sufficient amount of plant foods – vegetables and fruits. However, herbal products are also far from always safe in terms of carcinogenicity.

Genetic predisposition

The causes are not always associated with an abnormal lifestyle. The second reason for the possible development of cancer is hereditary or congenital predisposition as well as various mutations. No matter how desirable, but every person who is not at risk of its developing, the likelihood that he/she will have tumor exists and is equal to 20%. And for those who are at risk, this probability can be significantly higher. Nevertheless, one should not exaggerate the effect of genetic predisposition, because, as statistics show, it is responsible for the occurrence of only 10% of diseases.


Throughout the entire history of cancer, many cases have been identified when ordinary viruses were its cause. In general, viruses are responsible for approximately every tenth case.

Bad habits

Numerous studies show that oncology and bad habits have a well-established relationship. This is primarily true for lung cancer, but not only for it.

Negative environmental impact

It also has such a cause as exposure to carcinogens from the environment. Oncogenic factors include many chemicals that can be found in modern civilization and the effects of radiation. Substances that are unsafe in this regard surround us everywhere. These include many household products, asbestos, and some plastics. In the exhaust gases of cars are also a lot of carcinogens.

With regard to radiation, many believe that the danger is only nuclear power plants. However, in reality it is not. Radiation surrounds us everywhere, because even the walls of houses contain radioactive substances. Solar radiation, which contains ultraviolet rays that can adversely affect the skin, is also dangerous. It should be mentioned that many people are afraid of medical examinations using X-rays, but in fact the radiation dose received at them (if not done daily) is extremely small and cannot be a serious risk factor.


It is also worth mentioning the connection between the mental state and the development of the disease. To date, most scientists agree that stress and prolonged depression can be the cause of cancer. Stress does not affect tumor formation directly, but in excessive amounts it can significantly suppress the immune system, which can undermine the antitumor protection.

In the modern world, it has become quite difficult to avoid such a serious disease. According to statistics, by 2020 the mortality will increase by 2 times from 6 million to 12 million. We hope that by reading and finding out the main causes of cancer, you will take care of your own health and the health of those around you. This, of course, does not get rid of the disease, but you can reduce the likelihood of its development.

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